Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Korentovanje Festival Part 3

 A pretty Slovenian girl walking through her neighborhood to join the parade.

 And stopping to talk to Captain and Mrs. Hook.

A mock up of Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia and the preeminent symbol of the country.

Neighborhood children dressed up to walk in the parade.

Some Poles sneaked in to be part of the parade.  Maybe I can slip in there next year.  This group was from the Polka Hall of Fame in Euclid, Ohio....who knew?

A lady with candy.

The local High School band took part in the parade too.

They followed the Kurents as if they had been doing this their entire lives.

And here comes the pretty princess.

Guarded by two more Kurents.

A jolly Slovenian accordion player. Maybe he was trying out for the Polish Hall of Fame.

This group made their headgear out of recycled items.

And here come the Ukrainian dancers.

In very pretty costumes.

Sterle's Country House was the place to go later in the day to party.  We didn't stay long enough to go there.

The Black Devil Kurent.  He has a skull and crossbones on his back.  He was chasing people with his pitchfork.

More locals dressed in costume.

Police lead the parade down the main avenue.

So, I hope you enjoyed seeing the 2nd annual Korentovenja Festival.  I know we will be going back next year.