Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Halushki with Spaetzle

We ate this at one of the Fall festivals we attended a while back and The Blog Tech requested that I make this for his birthday dinner.  I got off easy with this request.  Ask a Polish woman to make some halushki?  Easy peasy!
 I cranked out my spaetzle maker.  Mix 3 beaten eggs, 1 C. milk, 2 C. flour and 1/2 tsp. of salt and as much black pepper as you like.  Pour it into the bowl of your spaetzle maker over boiling chicken broth.  Move the bowl back and forth.  Spaetzle is ready when it floats.

Scoop it out and drain it.

Saute a sliced white onion in some good butter. I used about 4 tablespoons. Add a head of sliced cabbage and cook until the cabbage begins to soften but still has a bit of a bite to it.

Mix in the spaetzle and taste for seasoning.

Serve it sprinkled with a bit of paprika.