Thursday, November 3, 2011


Fall has hit my gardens squarely on now. My kitchen maple is blazing red.

The paths are paved with leaves.

The pool is blanketed with maple leaves.

Thank heavens for pool covers.

This is the maple from the outside. It literally casts a red glow over the entire kitchen.

I wish it could look this way all year. I have leaves everywhere in my house too. They blow in through the windows, come in on our shoes and track in on little chubby puppy feets! I like having them in the house...Fall decorations!

The Japanese maples have not changed yet.

I never planted or trained the ivy to do this. It covered the garage on it's own.

We have had freezing fog 3 times in one week. It looked perfect for Halloween and was scary as well. The orange glow on my porch is from the pumpkin blow molds.