Friday, October 3, 2014

Glass Pumpkins

 I am still decorating.  I thought I was done.  I guess I'm not.

 I found these wonderful glass pumpkins at a gift shop the other day.  They are made by a local artist.

 I just fell in love with them.

 The detail is incredible.

I draped them in small lights and turned on the Asian lights.  At night they really glow.                                                  
I have these and the mantel lights hooked up so they all turn on with the flip of a wall switch.  When I get up each morning, it is still very dark.  I switch these on and I have my own little Fall carnival going on in my TV room.  It makes me happy.
 We hit the road yesterday on a foggy morning and headed north.

 It seems that everyone is decorated for Halloween now.

 I am much more into Autumn than I am Halloween but I really enjoy the decorations.

 The leaves have begun to fall and I am expecting a glorious show when we head to the mountains on Sunday.

 A cold front is coming through today and bringing our first true Fall weather.  I can't wait.

 Buggy alert!

 We had a perfect summer for pumpkin growing. They're for sale everywhere and are pretty cheap.

 You can weigh your pumpkin on this vintage Toledo scale.

 Pick your pumpkin please.

 You can buy local honey at this place and see the bees too.

No trip is complete until The Blog Tech finds an apple cider slushie.  Tomorrow I am serving 100 pulled pork sandwiches on homemade buns topped with coleslaw to a local community.  I've been a bit busy.  On Sunday we are driving to an apple festival so I will be taking lots of photos.  I still have tons of pics from the last two weeks that I need to sort through too.  More Fall coming soon!