Saturday, July 20, 2013

Steamy Gardens

It has been just awful here with heat in the 90's and humidity at 98 percent.  You feel like you are walking into a wall of water when you go outside.
 It seems that everything has some sort of wilt including myself.

 I was outside for barely 5 minutes and was soaking wet.

 These photos all look a bit blurry but that is actually the shimmer of the humidity you are seeing.

 I thought I was going to have a wonderful garden this season but the only thing doing well is the tomatoes.

 I do have ears of corn forming.

 No okra yet.

 My only two apples.

 Lots of tomatillas.

 Roma tomatoes for sauce.

 I think even the fish are hot.

 Teddy goes outside very little.  Here she is with her escape foot sticking out.

 She is still nibbling the sunflower leaves.

 We harvested the first of our salsa peppers.

 No salsa for you cutie pie!

 Look what is growing in my compost tea.  A pumpkin!

Drying chilies.  These suckers are HOT!