Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bread and Rolls

 I like to use homemade bread and rolls when I pack The Blog Techs lunch each day.  So, each week I bake some bread and different rolls to use each day.  This buttermilk sandwich bread is wonderful, you can find the recipe here:

 I showed these rolls a while ago but they are so good I figured I would post them again in case you missed them:

This recipe makes 8 large rolls.

I changed the topping to include one whole egg instead of just an egg yolk.  This spreads better than using just the yolk.

These are just the best sandwich rolls.

I freeze them and just pull one out when needed.

It is freezing here today, last I heard we are -14 degrees.

Stay warm wherever you are! I want to crawl inside a warm bun!