Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Honey Barbecued Salmon Salad

The first cherries of the season.  They gave me a tummy ache!  I guess I need more fiber in my diet.

I had not made this recipe in years but I will be making it more often now.  This is a great way to prepare salmon.  I used Copper River salmon.
 Mix 1 C. ketchup and 1 C. of honey.  Depending on how much salmon you are making, you could cut this recipe in half.

 Add 2 T. rice vinegar and 1/4 cup of sweet mustard.  If you don't have sweet mustard, add 1/4 C. yellow mustard and another tablespoon of honey.

 Add 1 tsp. of hot sauce.  I used Gator Hammock because it has lots of flavor and not much heat.

 Add 3 T. firmly packed brown sugar, 1-1/2 tsp. paprika, 1 T. curry powder, 1 tsp. soy sauce, 1 tsp. minced garlic, 1 tsp. vegetable oil, 1/2 tsp. worcestershire sauce, 1/2 tp. fresh lemon juice and 1/4 tp. ground black pepper. Mix thoroughly.

 Place your salmon in the sauce and cover with plastic.  Place in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight.

 Remove it from the fridge about 30 minutes before cooking.

 This is delicious done on the grill.  I did not want to fire up the grill for just 2 pieces so I used my grill pan.

 Sear on both sides over high heat.

 Serve it over some fresh garden lettuce and drizzle it with the dressing which you can see in the top photo. 


2 T. balsamic vinegar
1 tsp. maple syrup or honey
1/2 C. olive oil
1 T. fresh cilantro
1 T. diced shallot or sliced green onions
S&P to taste