Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cake Fail

 I had a terribly frustrating baking day yesterday.  I had lots of things to bake, one of which was the Kentucky Butter Cake I wanted to send to DC with my future DIL for her friends.

 I baked this cake the first time in the mini bee hive pans and 2/3 of the way through the recipe, the cakes all fell.  I was shocked.  I've made this cake many times and it always turns out perfect.  I thought and thought about what I could have done wrong.  Were my eggs too big?  Did I forget to add the flour?  Had my baking powder expired.  No, No and No.  I made the cake 3 times and each time I had the same outcome.  After the third time I finally quit and decided to run to the store and buy new baking powder.  It was the only explanation I could come up with.

Finally, in the middle of the store it hit was the flour!  I had grabbed a bag of White Lily Flour and it was not strong enough to hold up to this cake.  Sheese!  I sure can be dumb sometimes!  Why it wasn't the first thing I thought of I do not know.  Too much baking at one time and I just wasn't thinking.  So, always keep in mind, all flours are not created equal!  Learn from my mistake.  It is one I will never make again.  BTW...I made the cakes early this morning and they came out perfectly.