Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fall is on the Way

I couldn't help myself.  I got the Fall pillows and the plaid throw out and placed them on the sofa.  It just seemed like the right time. We are in for some cool Fall-like weather this week and just thinking about it put me in the mood.
 We went back to the country market in the mountains and as soon as I stepped out of the car, I saw this display.  Pumpkins and toadstools!  My favorites. Click to enlarge.

 Lots of pretty flowers.

 All kinds of berries.  I bought freshly picked blueberries which were delicious.

 I am obsessed with the dill pickles I keep buying at this stand.  I am studying recipes and will try to duplicate them soon.

 Free samples of kettle corn.

 Unique tacos.

 I love that I can buy grass fed beef and free range chicken here.


 Wood carvings.

 Cute house on the way out.

 Look what I brought home!  I bought them at that first booth.  They are made from poured stone and they are very heavy.  Don't they look real?

 It was hard to get a pic of this but it is a large vintage slate chalkboard.  It is built with real slate which makes it very heavy.  The Blog Tech can vouch for this since he was the one that carried it to the car.  All of the above will eventually be used to decorate my front porch for Fall.