Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Fall Festival and Sorghum

 We headed out early yesterday to go to another Fall festival.  We were way out in the country without any phone reception and we sure got lost.  But we saw lots of Halloween decorations.

 It's funny how much we depend on our GPS systems.  I could have used a good map.

 It was such a nice Fall day that it didn't matter that we were lost.  Maybe Custer should have never left home.

 Finally we saw the smoke and knew we found the festival.

 I just loved this old log home.

 There were lots of historic buildings and you could tour all of them.

 This demo was really cool.

 They were making sorghum.

 This guy was walking the horse in a circle to turn the grinder as the other guy fed sorghum stalks into the grinder in the middle. You can see the spigot where the sorghum syrup runs into the holding tank.

 They were selling sorghum bundles for decorating.

 Click to enlarge.

 They had lots of sorghum items for sale.

 I bought syrup, trail bars and lollipops.

 Lots of food booths perfumed the air and there were picnic tables scattered all over the fair grounds.

We started the day with some hearty ham and bean soup.  I have lots more photos to sort through and will show more tomorrow.