Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cooler Weather

 We have had the most wonderful break from hot and humid summer weather.  We were actually only 51 degrees yesterday morning and it stayed chilly all day.  If summer temps were always like this, I would like summer!  The chill in the air put me in an autumn mood so I built a nice fire last night.  It smelled wonderful with all the doors and windows open.

 I had the fountain running too.
 Teddy was content to listen to the fountain as she lay by her gate guarding her domain.

 My first okra!

 The cool weather has slowed down my tomatoes from ripening. This is a good thing because I was swimming in ripe tomatoes.

 I planted a lot of different varieties of cherry tomatoes this year and they have done very well.

 My eggplants are still small.