Saturday, September 21, 2013

Off to a Fair

 We took off early to go to another Fall fair.

 The trees are starting to change colors.

 Rain was forecast and we figured that would hold the crowds down.

 We were right.  There were very few people in attendance.

 It turned out to be another cute fair in a wooded area.

 You could have your silhouette done here.

 And you could pan for gems here.

 This artist was working on a piece as he was selling others.

 Native Americans selling their jewelry.

 Pumpkins and gourds for sale!

 And pony rides.

 It started to sprinkle.

 We moved quickly around the fair.

 The people that sell their wares at the fair, camp out in pup tents.

And they cook over open fires.  I will show more of the fair tomorrow.