Wednesday, August 19, 2015

House Painting

 It's hump day of week 4.  The painting is slowly coming along. I'm even getting used to having faces at each if my windows as I go about my day.

 All but three windows have been replaced and they are supposed to go in today. 

 I never thought I could be so happy to see a window painted.

 It's a bit unnerving to see your home in this shape.  But, that is a new window right there.  Woohoo!

 What could this plastic possibly be protecting?  It's been like this for a month.  It's things like this that make me not lament the drought we are having.

These are my basement security bars,  They will look much better after they are painted.

 It's nice to gaze at a small completed area.

My husband put these up to give me something that makes me smile.