Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bacon Halushki

Halushki has become a popular dish that I make for the after school kids.  I swear I could make this every week and they never get tired of it. Neither do I for that matter.
 This time I made it with bacon which I have never done before and I think it is the best that I've ever made.  I chopped up 3 heads of cabbage. 

 I sauteed them in bacon grease and seasoned it with salt and pepper, granulated onion and garlic and some of Pensey's Krakow Nights seasoning which is really good stuff.  As the cabbage cooks I add chicken stock.  I fried the bacon, cut it in strips and added it at the end.

 I boiled egg noodles until slightly under cooked and then mixed everything together. Then I ate some for breakfast.

I also made the kids 4 of my cranberry orange cornmeal cakes.  They love this stuff.