Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Garden Update

I worked in the garden all day yesterday so all I have to show are more garden pictures.  There is a funny story about my garage.  When I built it, my entire back yard had been excavated and was nothing but dirt.  The mason had to put up with me all day telling him where to place stones and how to apply cement.  I wanted it to look 100 years old and this mason was used to building everything to look new.  He hated the job.  He left to move to California the day he finished.  He asked me to never reveal his name to anyone if they asked who built the garage. He never got to see the garden completed.  Funny, huh?

I already have over 2 dozen green tomatoes.  The compost tea is working.

And I am still planting.  I planted a patio blueberry bush and an heirloom tomato.  And another herb tub.  I have tons of blueberries all over the gardens but the birds usually get to them before I do so I am hoping maybe I can at least keep them away from these.

I had to cage the tomatoes already.

The container garden is growing. 

I thought these alpines were supposed to stay small but a couple of them are getting really big.  Click on any photos to enlarge.

Teddy looking for the perfect spot.

Yep, I am talking about you.

Oakleaf Hydrangeas in full bloom. As soon as they start to turn pink I know Fall is on the way.

These are out of control.  They will be trimmed back after the blooms begin to fade.

They are now dwarfing the planters.

Way in the back behind my Hydrangeas you can see my chameleon plants blooming.  I am very happy with these.  They thrive in soil where nothing else grows.  I have tried to grow many ground covers in this area and they all died.  The chameleons are thriving as well as spreading.  And they are really pretty.  Their leaves are green, yellow and pink and they bloom with a pretty pink flower.

My grass is horrible.  It is a combination of mazus (good) and weeds (bad).  I don't use chemicals so it is what it is.

The ladies behind the dogwoods.

And the angel behind the oven.

Yikes....giant spider on the oven.

Guess what time it is?

Okay, I come.

Back tomorrow....puppy time!