Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Feeding the Kids the Week Before Xmas

 I always worry about the after school kids when I am not cooking for them.  What will they eat during their Xmas break?  So, though it won't help down the line, I am stuffing them all this week. I made them 18 quarts of baked ziti yesterday.

 And in the holiday spirit, I made them a bunch of party appetizers.  I made them fresh salsa and chili con queso to eat with tortilla chips.  I forgot the pic of the con queso but all of the recipes are on my sidebar.  They finished all of it.  There are certain things that you can make for teens that are guaranteed hits and queso and salsa are two of them.

 I made them curried egg salad to spread on crackers.

And I made a smoked tuna spread which they were reluctant to try until The Blog Tech wolfed some down and then they all joined in.  Today I am making posole which will be a first for them.  I hope they like it.  It's loaded with chicken and hominy and served with chips so I am guessing they will.