Monday, April 18, 2016

Summer Has Arrived

 Summer has arrived and I am not happy about it.  It was 84 here yesterday. I worked outside all morning until it got too hot.  I cleaned up my old potting table.  I thought I was going to have to rebuild it but when I turned it over and examined it, it's still very sturdy. has been sitting out in the elements year round for years and years.

 Life's short so I put out my toads and pumpkins already.

 I also cleaned up my outdoor sink.  I made this counter top out of the old bluestone pavers that surrounded my house when I bought it long ago.

 You can see the faucets on either side of the witch.  I use this sink a lot!

 Mona sent me these huge pinecones from her yard.  All the way across the country and now they are in my yard. Thanks Mona!

My phlox is blooming too!