Tuesday, June 23, 2015

An Antique Fair in the Woods

 We took off early on Saturday morning to go to an antique show set up in the woods on a wonderful farm.

 This is one gorgeous piece of property.

 The driveway.  The field to the left is planted with corn.

 You could watch this guy carve tree trunks with his chain saw.

 He has a carved alien on the back of his truck.

 You could take a buggy ride through the fields.

 There were some craft vendors too.

 Glamping!  Glamorous camping.

 Not bad but where is the bathroom?

 A cute way to display saw blades.  Just don't trip.

 Felted peeps.

 The farm house.

Side entrance.  They hold another one in the Fall so we will go back to look for all things pumpkin!