Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Witch and The Pumpkin Brigade

 Tomorrow is September 1st and it is official Fall decorating time.  I asked the old witch to assemble her minions and help me out.

 This year I've decided to decorate my back yard with all of my blow molds.  I've bought each of these blow molds (except the witch) at thrift stores and have not paid more than 4.99 each.  Most cost 2.99.  Teddy is very suspicious of this group.

 Time to clean up the potting bench and transform it for Fall.

 The Fall Flowering Clematis is just beginning to bloom.

 My okra is still producing.

 The Oakleaf Hydrangeas have turned brown.  A sure sign that Fall is close.

 The dogwoods are dropping their seeds.

 The pool will be closed next week.

 And it is official, my neighbor definitely killed my Silver Maple.  It has to come out next spring.

 I bought some printed burlap and I am making pillows for the front porch.

And a witch, black cats, cauldrons and pumpkins are out. Let the games begin!