Sunday, August 21, 2011

If a Tree Falls in a Forest.....

I was so happy, we finally got rain. We needed it so badly! I couldn't wait to walk the back 40 to see how my garden looked.

Even the huge Weeping Beech perked up a bit.

The ponds all looked a bit higher.

Things are filling in so much it is hard to see the gazebo.

But it is easy to see the puppy. She doesn't wear camouflage.

She is always checking the grounds though. She knows how to 'police' her area.

Rolling stones may gather no moss but stepping stone sure do.

The creek was running faster from the rains.

I have lots of work to do in the lower patio area. Anyway, I couldn't wait to walk through the doors and see how the garden looked.

Damn! That is half of one of my big maple trees. Though I lost half a tree, it fell as judiciously as possible! I hope the rest of the tree survives.

Toad house.

Planting was delayed until the tree could be cut up. At least I got some firewood out of it!

As usual..look who was waiting for me to come home! It was Teddy's snack time and you sure don't want to be late for that. This puppy keeps me on a strict schedule.

As soon as she sees me returning, she heads straight for the house.

While I was on my planting break, I took a picture of my Staub pumpkins which I just got out. I love these pots.

This is where all the cooking happens.

So, back to the garden to finish the task. I was so lucky it did not do much damage.

I planted more of the Gerbera daisies and this time I remembered to show how bad they looked before I cleaned them up.

After a good soaking from the sprinkler, I will fill in with mulch.

The damn birds ate all of my grapes.

I can't wait for it to fill in. There is going to be a lot of deadheading happening now through Fall.

I placed my little village under the Oakleaf Hydrangeas.

Click for a better look.

My sorry little lost garden from this summer shall rise in glory for the Fall. At least I hope so. I saw a lot of slugs while I was planting and I can't put out beer or I would have a drunk puppy!

This is a sad picture. This is the area that used to be a wall of Arborvitae. They all broke and died because of the heavy snows from the last two winters. I am going to replace them with the Thuja Green Giants which are much hardier.

The Lily Pads are dying back.

Those Impatiens relocated themselves to this spot. The water recirculates seeds.

I did a lot more work which I will post tomorrow.