Saturday, January 3, 2015

Westside Market, Cleveland

 We headed out early yesterday to go to one of our favorite places to shop, Westside Market in Cleveland.  I really like Cleveland.  Some parts of it are run down but it certainly is beginning to pick itself up and there are some really neat little areas worth visiting.  The whole area around the Westside Market is very cool and the people are really friendly. This is where the Cleveland Indians play. I believe that sports teams need to reevaluate their names.

 Drive across the expansive bridge from the stadium and it takes you ...

 right to the Westside Market.

 We bought lunch from Maha's Falafil and it was excellent.

 You can find just about any type of meat here that you might be looking for.

 Somethings back legs....sheep? Goat?  Maybe lamb?

 Bacon galore!  Maple bacon, garlic bacon, Xmas ale bacon, bacon jam, etc..

 All sorts of seafood and our favorite, Lake Erie perch.  When I was a little girl, my mother would sometimes fry perch and I still love it.

 Anyone need a pig?  Or any pig byproducts?

 Huge beef hearts, tongue, oxtails.  Oxtails make great soup and very good beef bone broth, my new culinary addiction.

 They offer any kind of chicken you want along with quail, ducks and goose.

 All in a beautiful 100 year old brick building.

 After we filled our market cards and stomachs, we headed back across the bridge and were on our way home.

 We took side roads and the resting winter fields were awesome.

These painted bay hales always make me smile.