Thursday, June 26, 2014

Glamping at the Fair

Do you glamp or know someone who does?  It is all the rage right now.  Glamping is glamorous camping.  This tent was not open when we were at the antique fair.  Maybe they were still sleeping! These tents usually have sofas and rugs, lamps and sometime chandeliers in them. This one has a front porch set up with lounge chairs, a crochet set and a wood holder for your fire.  I really wanted to see the inside.

 This one was set up by an iron guy that would make you a custom iron ring in which to build your fire.

 This was a rather large event.

 There were newly landscaped rock formations all through the property.

 A fresh spring runs through the property and they dammed two areas to form two ponds.  The water is murky because it had just rained. They had bird house gourds hanging from all the trees.

 The food area had the prerequisite funnel cake truck.

 But it also had this cupcake truck.

 Click to choose yours.

 The barn/stable area was set up for a pig roast.

 The chainsaw guy carved a cowboy and his saddle for the occasion. 
 We were there early so we did not stay for the pig roast.

 Though the pig appeared to be ready. They made him undress.

 Santeria was at first suspected.

This trough is dated 1903.
 Inside of the stable.

Click for a closer look.  This barn is to die for.  Look at the woodwork.  I have many more photos so I will show more tomorrow.