Friday, November 2, 2012

Good Energy Needed in a Big Way

I know some of you have noticed that my best friend Bev has not been blogging or commenting for the last month.  The last time we heard from her was just before her big church auction where she baked cakes and cookies that would be sold at the auction to raise money for her church.  A woman bought her apple mabon cake for over 100.00!  Bev baked like crazy that week.  The following week she felt like she was coming down with the flu.  The symptoms subsided but she was unusually fatigued. Those of you who know Bev know that she is a bundle of energy. After days of being exhausted she went to see her doctor.  Bev has lung cancer and lymph node cancer.  It is incurable but treatable.  She wanted to wait until she got  a full diagnosis before letting you know what is going on with her.  She starts chemo next week.  I am devastated.  Once again, I am far away and feel as helpless as I can be.  Bev beat cancer 10 years ago and responded very well to chemo. This is a new cancer and she is going to need a lot of energy to fight the fight again. Please.. please.. please if you can find the time to stop by her blog and leave her some words of encouragement, do so.  I think that in times like this the power of positive energy and prayer can be very heeling.  And yes Bev, I used the "P" word.  Beverly is a big believer in prayer.  Bev is always helping others, cooking and giving away her wonderful food.  She can use our help now. Thank you all who will help Bev prepare for this challenge.  Just click on this link to visit Bev: