Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Traditional Polish Easter Basket

I made this traditional Polish Easter basket for a friend.  I hope she has lots of fun with it.
I decorated a basket with moss, twigs and boxwood.  Boxwood is a traditional evergreen used on Polish Easter baskets.

I wrapped one of the paskas I showed yesterday and placed it right down in the middle.

I added twice smoked kielbasa, Polish farmer's cheese, butter, horseradish, polish candies and decorated eggs.  The butter is usually shaped like a lamb or a cross but the market had not received their Easter order yet so I just bought a tub of regular Polish butter.

A Polish Easter card and directions for how to celebrate Easter, Polish style.

Here is a list of what goes into a traditional Polish Easter basket:

Maslo (butter)  Symbolizes the good will of Christ which all Christians should have towards each other.

Paska (bread) Symbolizes Jesus as the bread of life.

Chrzan (horseradish)  Symbolizes the Passion of Christ

Pizanki (decorated eggs) These are decorated with Polish designs. Symbolizing new life and the ressurection from the tomb.

Kielbasa (sausage)  Gods favor and generosity.

Sol (salt)  Prosperity and justice.  People are the flavor of the earth.

Ser (cheese)  Symbolizes moderation which all Christians should practice.

Candle   Christ is the light of the world.

Palms  These are decorated and paraded around by everyone on Easter and Palm Sunday.

Linen Cover   Used to cover the basket when it is taken to the church for the priest's blessing.

I bought this cover locally at a Polish store.  I think this is actually polyester though traditional ones were made of linen and hand embroidered by each family.  I think I would rather have a basket like this than one just filled with Easter candy!