Sunday, November 15, 2015

Our Second Year at the Collards Cook Off

Yesterday was the collards cook off and we entered it for the second year.  We didn't win.  We didn't even come in in the top three.  Damn.  We are bad cookers.  We are losers.  We also didn't invite any friends which we later found out is exactly the way you win this thing.  Invite your friends and get them to vote for you.  But it was a lot of fun anyway!
 The event cost 5.00 for all the collards and extras you could eat. People packed in all day long with their families in tow.

 You can find my collards recipe here:

 This is such a good collards recipe.  And people seemed to love them.  The Blog Tech had to slow some people down because he was running out of them and still had an hour to go.

 I made 15 quarts of greens.

 I also made 4 of these cranberry orange cornmeal cakes.

 To top it all off, I made a huge vat of mac and cheese.

There wasn't a drop left.  Oh well...there's always next year!