Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Signs of Summer

Though I know it is Spring, there are certain elements in my gardens which I associate with Summer.  My cistern is one of them.  When the cistern is turned on, summer has begun. You can see the water running out of the scupper. (click for a closer look) Teddy loves napping to the sound of the cistern running.

 The cistern is on the side of my garage.

 My weeds are turning green.

 I was happy to see my perennial beds awakening.

 Until I saw this.  This means new matching planters must be found for these two beds.  At least I only have two.

 My dead maple is putting out a tiny bit of growth.  This tree needs to be addressed but I am having the house painted this summer so work like this is on hold.  One major project at a time.

 The Japanese maple is leafing out.

I glanced out my window yesterday and was shocked to see these blossoms. One moment there were none and the next moment I find a full blown blossom party in my back yard.
When Teddy has a perfectly fresh bowl of water sitting on the patio, why does she insist on drinking out of the yucky fountain base?
Here is a better shot of the blossoms this morning. It's a Fall flowering Cherry.  My allergies are on top of all of what's blooming!  They are having a little pollen party inside my nose.