Sunday, August 9, 2015

House Painting

 Week four is about to begin in this huge house project.  They are still hand sanding the siding in preparation to paint.  This week will be a nightmare because they are going to be replacing windows and runners which means not only will I have workers crawling all over the outside, they will be inside too.  Teddy will not be happy. I got the painters to give me some of the paint they are using and I am painting my little garden house to match the main house.

 I can't tell how Teddy is feeling.  She slept all morning while I cooked, which she never does.  She normally would be outside keeping an eye on things.  However, here you see her eating treats after I gave her eye drops which we do twice a day.

 Who me?

 Leave me alone so I can eat my treats in  peace.


 Next up I am going to paint the green house to match the main house too.

 I pulled a bunch of tomato plants out yesterday.  This is the earliest I have ever done that.  My tomato plants are mostly still producing but the tomatoes are small and the leaves are shriveling.  It has been such a strange summer weather-wise.  We had a month of soaking nonstop rain and now endless weeks without a single drop.

The poblano peppers are doing great though.
 My sunflowers are about to bloom.  I think I planted them too late.

And here she comes back from treat eating.  It looks like she is mumbling to herself.