Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

 Happy Halloween to everyone!!!  Now I have another whole year to wait for it to happen again.

 I got my Halloween bracelets out.

 The squirrels have not eaten my Indian corn yet.

 I bought lots of pumpkins.

 The wall in my garage...I"m still adding to it.

 Thank goodness the pool is covered.

 Autumn cushions on the chairs.

 A carpet of colors everywhere.

 More Halloween candy.  I've made hundreds of treat bags to pass out.

 Teddy is enjoying the crisp weather.

 A Halloween moon.

 Halloween shoes.

 Pumpkins on the roof.

 I've been making lots of Halloween food.  My kids love Halloween pizzas.

 Baked brain (baked brie).

Fall....I'm not ready for you to be over yet.