Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Peek Inside Tudor Place

This is the original photo of John Luckett, the gardener of Tudor Place for 44 years.  If you want to read the history of Tudor Place, click here:

One of the hallways.

This portico runs up to the top floor of the house.

A couple of the many sitting rooms.

The bench in front of the fire is George Washington's camp bench.

Dining room table set with one of the many plate collections.

Servant's room.

One of the house servant's shoe polishing items and a knitting basket.

The old intercom system.

I love this kitchen and want to cook in it. A gas and wood burning stove.

A perfect way to store skillets and pots.

So simple yet efficient.

Loving this sink.

I want a pump in my kitchen.

Some yellow ware bowls.

Coffee grinder and tea bins.

A big marble mortar, a butter crock, a mallet and a grinder.

A sauerkraut crock.

The ice chest.  Ice was placed in the top and it cooled the food in the bottom.

A history of domestic service through the years.

Some of the extensive china collection.

Silver and glass.

A child's room.

A vintage wheel chair.

Which was used by the owner of the house.

The original tub.

Another bedroom.  Look at the size of this bed for that era!

And a bidet.

That is a fireplace shield to the left.  When a fire was roaring it was placed between a person sitting there and the fire to deflect the heat.

Toys on the mantel in a child's room.

This is the orangery where lectures are held and outside plants are wintered over.

And you can buy historic plants from the grounds.

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