Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm Cooking So All you Get Today is the Garden

I am cooking for the weekend and will post what I am making so you just get some garden shots today. Sorry, but it is all I had to give you! BTW...thank you for all the wonderful compliments on the haunted house. Don't be too impressed though because it seriously started out as me making my daughter a Victorian dollhouse and I did such an atrocious job that at one point I looked at it and thought, this is so bad it looks like a haunted house. And thus, the haunted house idea was born!

I have a vegetable growing out of my mums. It looks like it could be Brussel Sprouts which is weird because they have never been planted in this raised planter. I am leaving it. It makes me smile.

The Fall Flowering Clematis is opening.

And my Basil is going a bit crazy.

The mums are all beginning to open.

The weather was a bit cooler so I built a fire in the fire pit.

I can't decide in which direction I should head? I think I will head towards the pumpkins!

The Oakleaf Hydrangeas blossoms are brown now.

The very tops of my maples are turning red.

And Teddy endlessly looks for the bad kitty. It had the nerve to run through the yard a few days ago. That is one feral cat with a real death wish.

Yes my pup! I know what you do to bad kitties and it is not nice.

For having such a horrible hot dry summer, the gardens are looking healthy and lush thanks to the recent rain.

Even my regular hydrangeas are starting to dry.

There is a crow in my planter!

These are basically self planted planters. I planted some mums and herbs but violets, toadflax and several other things have found their way and settled in.

Back to cooking!