Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ghost Cake

I am very busy today but I thought I would give you a look at one of my desserts.  I have been making this ghost cake since my kids were tiny.  They love this cake, and, it tastes like a very good wedding cake!

I made a square 8X8 yellow butter cake with almond flavoring.  If you need the recipe just type Celia's butter cake into my search bar.  You cut two angular pieces of of two corners of the cake. Then cut them in two.  Stand the cake up on it's edge and glue in place with butter cream.

Wedge the cut pieces in at the bottom to prop up the cake. need to make one cupcake size piece with the original batter for the head.

Roughly frost with butter cream.

You can make fondant but now you can also buy fondant from Wilton.  I buy it which simplifies things tremendously.  I made it myself for years and this is much easier and just as good.  Roll the fondant out into a large thin sheet.

Drape it over the cake.

Save a small piece of the fondant and use black food coloring to color it.  I am typing with black fingers right now.

Roll the black fondant thin.

Cut out 3 circles using a straw.

Wet the back of each piece and attach to the face.  Stretch one of circles for the mouth.