Saturday, October 5, 2013

Teddy, The Chow Chow

Have I mentioned recently how much I love my puppy?  Maybe I am biased but I think she is the cutest Chow Chow I have ever seen.
 She is my constant companion and loves me unconditionally, the same way I love her.

 She always needs to know where I am and always keeps her eyes on me.

 Chow chows were bred in northern China and fed a diet of fish and seafood.  She can't get enough of it.  Look at her face when my husband offers her a clam.

 Though Teddy hates stepping outside when it rains, she loves to drink from ponds and lakes.

 She likes sitting in them too.

 Teddy is 8 years old and starting to show signs of aging which just breaks my heart.

 She can't hear all that well anymore and is slow getting up on her feet.

 Chows tend to have selective hearing so I can't be certain how much she actually hears or if she just chooses not to respond sometimes.  She still hears me when I say 'treat time'.

 Chows particularly like to have a regular schedule and get very fussy when it is disrupted.

 Teddy likes Fall as much as I do. She loves laying on the patio in cool weather.

 She waits patiently each morning as I make her food.

 Though she tends to get a bit tired.

 And catches a little shut eye while I prepare her food.  The other night I was watching sports on TV and stayed up way past Teddy's and my bedtime.  I let her stay outside until midnight which never ever happens.  When I went out to bring her in, she was in a sound sleep though I did not realize it at the time.  So, there she was, sound asleep in the garden she guards with a vengeance.  Stupid me went out and called her name.  She didn't answer me so I walked right up and stood over her, calling her name.  Still no response.  So, I leaned over and tapped her on the head.

Ouch!  I have a Teddy tattoo.  Anyone have an arm I can borrow?  Yes, this hurt like hell.  But the look Teddy had on her face when she realized she had just bitten her beloved mama is something I will never forget.  She was devastated. It IS best to let sleeping dogs lie.  I still love her as much as ever.