Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cubanos: A Cuban Sandwich

I made these sandwiches for the party last week to go along with all of the Brazilian food. These are a favorite of the hosts.  Cubanos just might be the perfect sandwich.
 First I made the rolls. Pan de aqua is the preferred roll for these sandwiches.

 I'm not quite sure why the string is placed down the middle because the design is pressed out when you cook the sandwich.

 I made mojo marinated pork tenderloins.

 The pork must be sliced very thin for these sandwichs.

 First spread the buns with yellow mustard, then add a layer of swiss cheese on either side.  You must use all of these ingredients to get the final flavor.

 Add a layer of pickles and a layer of thinly sliced Bavarian ham.

 Press the sandwich together.

 Spread the entire sandwich with garlic butter and place it on a grill set at 350 degrees.  You can also do this in a heavy skillet.

 Now you need to weight it down.  I used a cookie sheet and a full tea kettle.  Cook it until the cheese is melted and the crust is golden.


 The perfect combination.