Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Garden Walk

The mums from last year are blooming.

The clematis is blooming too.

This is the first sign of Fall in my gardens, the Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are turning from white to pink.

This one which is in full sun is even darker. They will turn brown soon.

The Salem Witch Day Lilies are about to bloom.

My succulents have blossomed.

The chameleon plants have bloomed too.

I am not sure if my hydrangeas are blooming early, late or right on time. I think they are later than usual because we have had so little rain.

The pansies are bolting.

There are dried pods everywhere.

When we go to the lower gardens, Teddy has to be in front of me. She stops every few feet to check out each area. She observes the whole area. She is my security team. Note to Casey a bunch of Chow Chows fast!

She has to check out each room.

That one was clear, off to the next one.

My ferns are at their peek.

Teddy also has to stop at each pond to take a drink.

Hmmmm....someone doesn't seem to mind getting her paws wet.

Time to check some more.

Wet paw prints on the stepping stone.

Down to the bottom of the gardens.

This is Teddy's favorite pond. It holds the fish.

I used to have figs growing all over my lower garden. For years, I buried them each Fall. After many prolific years of producing wonderful figs, they died. I just noticed this one poking out of the ground. They are back. I haven't had figs in 4 years. This really surprised me.

My ducks.

Look out little fishies, someone has her eye on you!

Hey, who are you giving the raspberry to with that blue tongue? (click for a closer look)

This is Teddy doing her frog impersonation. Maybe if she sticks her tongue out she can get one of those fish.

Brave fish.

The back door light at the guest house.

A gargoyle hiding in the bushes.

The 7 ton Weeping Beech.

Time to return to home base.

Hopping up the stairs.

Through the garden gate.

The "checking on mama" look.

All is right with the world, time for a nap.

The devil on the garage door.

I have carrots growing in my cracks. God only knows what's in my crannies!