Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Stuffing

 Do you use Bell's Seasoning?  I think it is the best.  My mother used it and I use it to this day.  BTW....the snow missed us!!!  I am so bummed!  They promised at least 6 inches and up to a foot.  We got nothing more than what I showed you yesterday morning.

 I made 250 quarts of stuffing for the shelter. If each person eats 1 cup, I made enough to feed 1000 people.

 I got a blister from cubing the bread.

 I made my traditional stuffing. Cubed bread, diced onions and celery and salt &  pepper.

 Then lots of Bell's Seasoning.

 Then I add beaten eggs, butter and some turkey stock.

 I made 10 of these restaurant sized pans.  They have to cook them at the shelter because my ovens couldn't handle all of these.  And my oven seems to be acting up again.  All this cooking is putting a strain on my appliances.

 Hopefully I will be getting my tree today.

I am feeling very Christmas pressured here.  I have so little done and so much to do.  How are you progressing with your Christmas decorating and baking?