Thursday, September 30, 2010

Magic Apple Pie and a Trip to The Pumpkin Farm

I made twelve of these pies yesterday. I think you should make at least one. Six have already disappeared and four are flying out the door when my daughter stops by after work later today. Here are the comments from my family:

The husband: This pie is the perfect combination of caramel and apple. (enough said)

My daughter, (the foodie): It's like taking something really wholesome like apple pie and making it wicked and decadent and luscious. She also added that she thought maybe I had used the leftover apples from the Garden of Eden.

The Cook, (Moi),: It tastes like a caramel apple baked in pie crust. Hey, I'm not a poet, I'm just the cook.

And finally,

The Blog Tech: He said it tastes like dumping Candy Land into a blender. His sister describes him as having a weird and awesome mind.

So if you decide to make this little bit of wonderful, here is the recipe.

Use any recipe you are comfortable with for a two crust pie. I always use a pate' brisee but this is so good I think you could use store bought dough with good results.

This recipe is for one pie but you will see that I made twelve 6 inch pies by tripling the recipe.

Roll out your dough.

Lightly spray your pan with cooking spray.

Line the pie plate with dough. I keep them in the refrigerator while I prepare the apples. Peel and thinly slice enough apples to fill your pie. I like to use Granny Smith's for this recipe. Slice the apples thin. Big chunks just do not cook thoroughly.

Pile the apples in the pan and top with a lattice top. If you don't know how to make a lattice just google it. I already have too many pics on this post!

In a heavy pan melt 1/2 cup of butter. Stir in 3 T. of flour and whisk it for a few minutes. Add 1/4 C. water, 1/2 C. white sugar and 1/2 C. of dark brown sugar. Bring this to a boil, whisk it a bit and then let it simmer on low until ready to use.

Once the lattice is in place it is time to add the caramel sauce.

Ladle the sauce through and over the lattice and allow it to seep into the pie.

A closeup for a better look. Place these in a preheated 425 degree oven for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, lower the oven temp to 350 degrees and continue to bake for 45-60 minutes.

The sauce should be bubbling when the pies are done and the crust should be golden. I can always tell when my pies are done by the smell.

I always bake my pies on a cookie sheet lined with parchment. I also place the cookie sheet on a pizza stone which helps to crisp the bottom crust.

You can see how the sauce and juices have thickened.

You may never make any other kind of apple pie again.

And just in case you have absolutely nothing else to do today other than sit around and read my blog, I give you another trip to another pumpkin farm!!!

The Blog Tech and I were shooting down a country road in the Batmobile when we spotted this cabbage patch. That is me in the car and the BT jumped out to take cabbage pics.

The we spotted these.

Which lead us to this place...colorful isn't it?

This is where we bought the snake gourds.

Turban squash.

Pumpkin heaven.

These could not fit in my car.

These were still too big.

The white one was just right.

Cinderella pumpkins.

Ewwwww.....I took a pass on these. Too creepy for me. They looked contagious.

I love how ghostly white pumpkins look.

Pink and green pumpkins?

Gourds galore.

I wanted to swim in this sea of mini pumpkins.


After we left we came upon these creepy crosses.

The Blog Tech jumped out to take these picks and then jumped right back in when he realized that one of these could go up for him if he didn't get off of the road!

Go bake a pie!!!

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