Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Am Enjoying Every Drop of Fall

Teddy is enjoying laying on the stone patio in this cool weather. See how she keeps her back leg sticking out? That enables her to jump up and run. You know, just in case a bad kitty makes it's way into her yard.

I am as decorated as I am going to be this year.

The stink bug invasion throughout the east this year has curtailed my usual bales of hay and corn stalks. I refuse to give them anywhere else to seek refuge.

I made this wreath from leaves from the gardens and my dried hydrangeas.

I put some witch silhouettes on the garden room windows.

Look at the perfect pumpkin the Blog Tech bought for me at one of the horrorfests he attended.

Click for a better look. My redware Halloween plates are on display.

The witches are lined up on the radiator. These are cast iron witch boot scrapes which I have collected over the years.

I can't believe Halloween is almost here. October flies by faster than any other month. I think October should have 60 days!

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