Thursday, November 18, 2010

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

I am in that "tween" place now. Though Thanksgiving has not yet arrived, I am chomping at the bit to get my Christmas on. A few Christmas decorations have managed to find their way alongside my pumpkins and pilgrims.

The Japanese Maples leaves have turned a glorious red.

The last of the Fall colors are clinging to the trees.

A carpet of leaves covers the pool.

I made this wreath this morning. It's so simple I wasn't going to post it but since today is the Blog Tech's birthday, I am going to make him dinner. I have to start working on it so I thought I would throw this up as a quick post and show you how to make an easy Christmas Wreath.

You can either make your own base wreath out of evergreens or buy a plain one.
Right now Michael's has it's Christmas stems 40% off. I bought an assortment of green poinsettias.

Sorry for the blurry pic. Bend the flower stems just below the flower.

I like balance when decorating so I put two of the same flower on either side of the wreath.

Then I added two of the darker green flowers on opposite sides. These could be wired in place but I didn't bother. If you snake the stem into the wreath it will hold it in place.

These flowers were rather large for this wreath so I only used four.

I cut some small red poinsettias from clustered stems and placed them between the green ones.

A very easy wreath.

I think these look better than most of the pre-made wreathes you see in the stores.

You can use the extra leaves from the stems to tuck between pine cones to make a nice winter arrangement.

Now I must devote the rest of the day to the celebration of this very important day! The BT had a piece of his cake for breakfast and has already opened all his presents.

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