Thursday, August 1, 2013

Merry Lugnasadh

Lugnasadh or Lammas is the celtic day which officially begins the harvest season.  Most of you in this hemisphere have begun your harvesting, I see it on your blogs. I thought it was the perfect day to put out one of my Fall traditions. Ever since my children were small, I announced our move into Fall by putting out an array of Autumn candies.  Though my children are adults, they still get a kick out of this.  Notice the handles on my cabinet?  They are bronze bats.

These are more for display than eating though my husband waits until late at night and sneaks some to eat while he watches baseball.

Jolly Rancher green apple and caramel lollipops!

My glass corn crib.

Filled with candy corn of course!

And though I am downsizing, once in a while I find something I can't pass up buying.  Like this wooden coffin.

Which just happens to be a cheese board.

With bone handled spreaders, Bat topped picks and slate tombstones on which to write the cheeses names. They even included a piece of chalk! The cheese is served right on the coffin top.

I also bought this set of spell plates.

Perfect to use when you set out the cheese platter.  And, yes, I have a loaf of bread rising right now.  You must bake bread on Lammas!