Friday, August 3, 2012

The Explanation

I got permission to write about what I alluded to yesterday. Some of you might have known my friend as well.  Kary, from: died this past Saturday. Kary and I became the best blogging friends over the years.  We shared a love of our Teddy's, Halloween, Fall and cooking.  We emailed back and forth so much each day it became just the natural thing to do.  We almost burned up the wires watching the Casey Anthony trial.  Last September, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer. As much as the two of us talked, she never wanted to talk much about her illness.  She made very light of it and when I asked questions, she always gave me vague answers. She did chemo,surgery and more chemo. She said everything was going fine. We had both started decorating for Halloween and I was sure she was on the road to recovery.  I last heard from her on Friday when she told me she was running to the store and would write as soon as she returned.  After a couple days, I opened my computer to send her a "give her hell" text about scaring me by not writing.   Can you imagine my shock when I saw an email from her husband, John, telling me she died.  I am still having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around the fact that she is gone. I feel like someone has shot a hole through me. I honestly had no clue how sick she was.  John has agreed to leave her blog up in case you want to stop by and leave condolences. Right now, condolences are about the only thing that can make anyone who loved her feel better.  I sure am going to miss my friend forever.  If there is one good thing I can say, she died at home with her beloved John, Teddy, and her kitties by her side.