Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Trip to a Farmers Market and A Charcuterie and Cheese Platter

We love a good cheese platter around here and we are lucky to have some new fabulous charcuteries to buy from.  We are very into buying locally.  So, when we found out that a farmer's market was opening for the season last Saturday, we headed out to visit it.  Okay, it wasn't in the immediate local region but The Blog Tech and I like our adventures so we went anyway, especially because we wanted to buy some goat cheese we had heard about.
The first markets of the year are always a bit sparse.

But you can count on the crafters having full tables after a long hard winter.

And I stocked up on eggs!

There were ramps for sale but I passed.  I still have some from the rampfest. They were selling mushroom logs so you could grow your own.  I didn't buy any but now I am wishing I had.

Click for a closer look.  I am hoping I will run into these at a future farmer's market.

The local mascot.  It is West Virginia so I am guessing it is a Mountaineer?  What is a Mountaineer?

We left with our goodies and took the scenic way home as always.  I try to avoid major highways as they tend to be rather boring.

I like driving down country roads.

We made some friends along the way.

Some of my eggs.  I bought 6 dozen.

I bought this milking stool too.  I wonder if Teddy will let me milk her since she is the only animal I have.  I might lose an arm!

Cornmeal made from Bloody Butcher Corn.  This is a red, sweet corn and I can't wait to make something with this.  But what?

An assortment of goat cheese.

And a log of summer sausage made from Longhorn Cattle.  Raising Texas Longhorn Cattle is very popular in my area.

 We had a very good dinner made with the contents from our day of foraging!