Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Steak Dinner for The Shelter

 Sunday's dinner was a huge success. I made them lots of garlic toast.

 And 4 chocolate cakes with vanilla bean icing served with vanilla icing.

 I seasoned the filets ahead of time.

 I cooked 75 steaks at one time on a huge catering grill.  Quite an experience.

 All of the guys were thrilled.  Well, except for one.  He asked if I had any rib eyes and was very disappointed when I told him all I had was filet mignon.

 The Blog Tech and I sauteed tons of onions and peppers to go with the steaks.  Someone at the shelter told me the guys love peppers and onions. I forgot to take a pic but I sauteed 40 lbs of fresh asparagus too.

 I made 13 quarts of ranch dressing.

 And a coconut poke cake in case someone didn't like chocolate.

I drive a suburban and the entire car was packed with food.

The shelter tends to be a noisy place but the moment the food was served, you could have heard a pin drop.  Those guys know how to eat!  So a good time for all except maybe the rib eye guy and another fellow that seems disappointed that I had not made hollandaise sauce for the asparagus.  Just because you are homeless doesn't mean you can't still be picky!