Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Library

 A quick post today as I am expecting the plumber which is a miracle.  With the winter we have had, plumbers have been incredibly busy and it is almost impossible to get one to come out.  This one is just fixing my shower.  I still can't find one to fix my snow melt. I have to hide out in a room with Teddy so she doesn't eat him.  A few of you asked to see more of my library so I snapped a few quick pics for you.

 It's funny the things you don't notice until you take photos.  Like the painting on the floor that needs to be rehung since it was taken down when I put the Xmas tree up almost 3 months ago. We are getting snow today and you can see it laying on the holly outside of the windows.

I like winter so much that I have paintings of snow all over my home like the one above.  Okay...gotta run...there is lots of growling going on and the plumber isn't even here yet!