Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Scottish Festival

 We drove to West Virginia this past weekend to attend a Scottish Festival.  BTW, if you have never been to WV, it is a gorgeous state.  We were a bit shocked that they were charging 15.00 per person to enter.

 We heard the pipes before we saw the pipers.

 A gaggle of pipers.  It reminded me of the old joke...The Irish gave bagpipes to the Scots and they still haven't gotten the joke.

 A pretty piping lass.  I actually really like bagpipes.

 Highland cattle on display.

A maypole.
We watched some highland games.
Watched some highland dancing.
Saw some highland hiney.
Being West Virginia, you could buy a camouflage kilt.
I'd read that there would be all sorts of fiber crafts for sale but there were none to be found.
 Haggis was eaten.

 And bangers were consumed.