Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stuffed Cabbage for the Shelter

 I made some shelter guys very happy yesterday.  I made a lot of shelter guys very happy!  250 cabbage rolls have a tendency to do that.  I used savoy cabbage which softens easier and is easier to work with.  I bought the heads at an Asian market and the price was quite low.  This took 8 large heads of cabbage.  I softened them in boiling water and let them dry on towels.  This caused minor flooding in my kitchen.  Next time I will try to remember to use a colander.

 I didn't measure this, I just sort of eyeballed the ingredients.  I used ground bacon, prosciutto, dried onion, salt and pepper, granulated garlic and fresh parsley.

Then I gave it a good sprinkling of Hungarian paprika.

For 250 cabbage rolls, I added 16 cups of cooked rice and 10 pounds of ground beef and 10 eggs.

Mix and mix and mix and then cook a small piece and taste it for seasoning. Adjust accordingly.

Place about 1/3 cup of the mix on each leaf, pull the sides over and roll to cover all the meat.

Place seam side down in your pans.

For the sauce, I mixed large cans of crushed tomatoes with brown sugar, a bit of worcestershire sauce, and cider vinegar.  Ladle it over the rolls and bake them at 350 degrees.  Mine baked for 4 hours but obviously it would be a much shorter time if making smaller portions.  Next, I made 20 quarts of buttermilk mashed potatoes to serve them on. I forgot to take a photo of them.

I also made the an enormous tray of these chewy chocolate/coconut bars.

And I got so busy carrying it all to my car that I forgot to take photos of everything when it was finished.  The cabbage rolls leaked all over the back of my car and I swore a lot.  But the guys at the shelter were drooling when I opened my hatchback and they smelled the food. Next time I make these, I will stop at the shelter first and borrow their restaurant steam table pans to cook these in.  The foil pans are just too flimsy to support something as heavy as these. I am never there to actually see the guys eat my food.  I always take it to them  a couple hours before they serve it.  I will need to get feedback on how they liked it.