Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am going to be the anti Martha today and tell you the truth about making your bed. Making beds is hard work. Folding the fitted sheet properly is not easy. Martha just might be the only person that knows how to do this correctly. Every time I approach this task, I am determined to succeed and I always get frustrated and give up half way through.

I will start with an endorsement. Save every extra cent you have and buy yourself a good set of 100% Egyptian cotton sheets. You will not regret this. They last forever and are the most comfortable sheets for sleeping. If it takes you your whole entire life to save enough to buy them just so you can die on them, do it. You will think you are in heaven.

On the other hand, save a whole lot of money and do not buy extremely expensive Bischoff sheets.

The lace trim is gorgeous.

I won't begin to tell you how long it took me to iron these pieces yesterday. So, unless you are one of those very unusual people who loves to iron, pass on the Bischoff.

New linen is nice.

But it is nearly impossible to iron the wrinkles out. It is dry clean only and actually needs to be dry cleaned before you use it to remove the wrinkles.

Bamboo comforters are wonderful! They are soft and silky and made from bamboo fibers.

I love collecting vintage European linen sheets. Another major ironing pain though.

I think the embroidered Buon Ruposo ( good rest) makes it worth the effort though.

And as if I never learn a lesson, I still buy new linen. I think it took an hour to iron this blanket.

And another warning, as beautiful as glass chandeliers and sconces are, they are a PITA (pain in the a**) to clean.

After over 8 hours of work, my Spring bed was made.

I might miss my flannel sheets for few days.

But with warm weather on the way it was time for the change.

Spring cleaning has me in it's clutches.