Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Special Valentine's Dinner

Do you have someone that loves salmon and you want to treat on Valentine's Day? If so, you should make this for them.

I used this mix from Trader Joe's but you could use any kind of Israeli couscous. Or rice, or mashed potatoes, or mashed get the picture.

Grate a knob of ginger.

Add 2 T. soy sauce to the ginger.

Add 1 T. of sesame oil.

Add 1 T. honey.

Add 1 T. fish sauce.

Add 3 cloves of diced garlic.

Whisk well to blend. If you are using more salmon than this calls for, adjust the recipe accordingly.

Pour it into a glass container or zip lock baggie and add 2 6 oz. salmon fillets. Refrigerate for an hour turning the bag a couple times.

Prepare the couscous according to the directions. For added flavor, I made mine in chicken stock.

Saute' 2 diced garlic cloves in 1 T. of olive oil for a minute.

Add a bag of spinach.

Cover to let it steam for a few minutes.

Place the salmon on a cookie sheets and place it on the second rung down under your broiler. Reserve the marinate.

When the spinach wilts, stir it around and pour the reserved marinate over it.

Let your couscous sit for 5 minutes or so until all the liquid has been absorbed.

Place a serving of the couscous on a plate.

Top it with some of the sauteed spinach and a piece of the salmon. Pour any of the additional juice from the spinach/marinate mix over the salmon. This is my families new favorite dinner. They all made 'Teddy plates", i.e., not a drop left on the plate. I swear I saw the Blog Tech licking his plate. Plus Teddy got a piece of salmon without the marinate. And I skinned the salmon before marinating it and cooked it for Teddy. What a healthy treat!