Monday, October 24, 2011

The First Trip To Woodman's

Teddy is really enjoying the house we rented this year. It has a private walled in yard that she has claimed to be hers.

We took her to lunch at her favorite spot...Woodman's! Here she waits patiently for her food to arrive. She likes eating in the picnic table area.

She gets a lobster leg. She love those little legs and eats them shell and all. It looks like a lobster cigarette.

They are a little tough to chew.

That makes them even more fun to eat.

Sort of like lobster jerky.

Again she waits patiently for more lobster.

Here it comes.

Open wide.

I am not done yet....I want more.


Man this stuff is gooood!!!

Hey! Remember me? I am the cute little puppy sitting down here craving more lobster.

Please dear readers....remind my mama that I am still hungry.

Thank you it worked....I can see her getting some ready for me. She told me the whole lobster was mine.

Careful mama...get it all out in one piece for me.

Line it up for the drop.

Bulls eye!


Hey you want some of the green tamale? This lobster has lots of it.

I will try to leave you a few fingers mama.

The picnic tables sit right next to a salt water marsh.

Why do I never remember to take photos of the food before the carnage?

Resting with a full tummy.

Oops..I did not see that sign.

I would never poop where I eat.

I am off to Salem today and will report back tomorrow.