Thursday, May 16, 2013

Through The Gates and Into The Secret Garden

It rained all night and I could not wait to go down to the lower gardens early this morning to see how everything fared.   Open the garden gates and come inside.
 The dogwoods were weighted down with wet blossoms.

 The upper pond was bubbling and flowing.

 I put 2 feeder fish in the upper pond and they were nowhere to be seen.  Did they take a ride on the water slide to the lower pond?

 The Weeping Beech covers the walk and you get quite a shower walking under it when it is wet. The puppy turned into a pussy and would not go with me this morning.  She preferred to stay dry.

 Heading down the steps to the middle pond.

 No feeder fish here either.

 The hostas and ferns by the lower pond have almost opened entirely.  Someone left a hose out.

 These irises crack me up.  I originally planted them by the upper pond.  After the first year they replanted themselves by the lower pond.  Now I never know where they will pop up or what color they will be.  They started out being purple and it looks like this year they will be yellow.

 The zucchini enjoyed the rain.

 A happy garden...nothing like a good rain.


 A row of eggplant.

 My one lone artichoke plant.

 Bats dripping with rain.

 The peppers are ready to bloom.

 The little area on the lower right is still empty.  It does not get as much sun as the rest of the raised bed and I am not sure what might grow there.  Any suggestions?

 Click to see my one lone spear of asparagus. 

 I could find only 2 feeder fish.  I added 8 of them down here last night.

 I wonder if the big fish had a sushi snack last night?

 I just planted a bunch of phlox amongst these rocks.  Hopefully it will be pretty and bloom next spring.

 Back up and under the huge Beech for the second shower of the morning.