Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Snow and a Chow Chow on the Hunt

 Yay!  More snow and still more on the way.  And I have icicles!

 I sure am hoping the groundhog was wrong.

 This is a nice amount of snow.  It's not breaking branches and it isn't too heavy to shovel.

 And the snow melt has been working which makes Teddy very happy. A warm belly in the cold air.

 She will lay here all day.

 Even if the snow melt doesn't melt the snow on her.

But then once in a while she sniffs a bad kitty.

You can see the paw prints along the side of the pool.  They come in the yard to get drinks.

Teddy looks over the wall for them.

And sticks her nose in their tracks.

And to where the tracks lead.

Don't go on that pool cover Teddy!

The bad kitties are not under the water.

She decides to look elsewhere.

What do you mean it is time to come inside?

I can't hear you!!!

Mama, why is my nose so cold?